Shopping Campaign – How to Not Get Suspended?

As the owners of an e-commerce website a suspension is perhaps one of the worst news you can get. Google’s suspension means that you won’t be able to run shopping ads. Though you can still view past data. Not being able to run ads means that a chunk of your sales disappears overnight. That said it is possible to get the suspension lifted by making changes to your business practices and the website. However, to do that you first need to understand what leads to a suspension in the first place.

What Leads to a Suspension?

One of the most significant issues which lead to a suspension of once perfectly working accounts is Google’s ever-changing fluid policies. While Google aims to make the experience positive across its own and partner sites, it also means that e-commerce website owners are constantly checking for policy updates.

Failing to adopt and append the content of a website, or perhaps sales or marketing policies can lead to a suspension.  However, some suspensions are easily avoidable, i.e., by not selling products which Google does not approve of because they are dangerous like fireworks, bombs, and flammable items. These items join the ranks of ATM skimmers, drugs, guns, etc.

You should also make sure that the Merchant Center gets the most recent data feed. Pricing, product condition, inventory, and images, etc. all need to be accurate. If there is a discrepancy between the data feed and information on your website, it will lead to a suspension.

You should also monitor Google’s Merchant Center every week for significant changes like errors. Resolve data quality errors right away. Critical errors should be fixed ASAP because if not can lead to a suspension.

What to do if Google has always Suspended Your Account?

You should start by fixing data errors. Critical errors should be your priority. Then work your way down to other errors which haven’t been marked critical. In our experience clearing all of these up can help your case.

You should then re-upload the updated feed and also submit a re-evaluation request. You will need to be patient here because it takes a couple of days for the account to come back online. We have seen it take up to two weeks.

Need Help?

We know getting a suspended account reinstated can be difficult and frustrating. However, we are here to help you. We have helped many businesses get their accounts reinstated and can help you too.