Optimization Score Now in Display Campaigns: What Has Changed?

Google Ads optimization score was introduced just last year and was tested the year before that. While well-received as a whole, the optimization score has received its fair share of criticism from the digital marketing community. In particular, the recommendations that accompany what Google puts out are often the machine learning AI sending messages which are hard to decipher by human beings.

Now the optimization score has been extended to display campaigns. According to many who are using Display campaigns, the score works similar to regular ad campaigns but with a few minor differences. The scores are available at the campaign level. Also, there is a combined account-level score that completely encompasses display, shopping, and search. The recommendations you get are now tailored especially to your Display ads. Unfortunately, they are as cryptic as all the other recommendations that Google sends your way.

What is Google’s Ads Optimization Score All About?

In a nutshell, it is all about making sure that advertisements receive the most engagement, i.e., clicks. After all, that’s how Google makes its money. If there aren’t people interacting with the ads, then there is a problem that Google’s algorithm needs you to fix.

The optimization score ranges from 0% at its worst to 100% at its best. Campaigns are rated across a myriad of factors like bid automation, targeting, extensions, etc. The score comes accompanied by a couple of automated recommendations that tell you how much of an improvement you should expect if you decide to approve those changes.

While there is debate about what score is acceptable for Display campaigns, most digital marketers agree that over-optimization is fruitless. So, you’ll want to maintain a score of around 70-80.

Why Care About Display Campaigns Optimization Score?

The scores, as well as the recommendations that accompany them, can be helpful. However, because these recommendations are mostly coming from Google’s AI, you shouldn’t accept everything blindly. Make sure to carefully consider each recommendation and think if making that decision is right for your campaign.

The other thing you need to keep in mind is that if you have a 100% optimization score, all is not necessarily good. Now with a 100% score, you might not see recommendations because there is no further optimization needed, but it does not mean you can’t improve further. So, if your conversions are down or engagement isn’t as good as it should be, it is time to rethink your Display campaigns.

Google Wants You to Consider Recommendations

Google has recently said that a recent update will ensure that all advertisers strongly consider the recommendations for AdWords and Display campaigns. That means one of two things, the first being that some suggestions will be manual and the second being that campaigns that aren’t optimized may be penalized in some way. That’s why you’ll want to check back and make sure that every recommendation is closely considered before being dismissed.