New changes coming to Google Ads

For a couple of years now, Google has been introducing new trends and features to Google Ads, and this year isn’t any different. Here are some of the most important changes: –

– You can finally add more text

Responsive text Google Ads can display with three headlines and two descriptions up to 90 characters each. You can even add a third headline and a second description as long as it’s 90 characters. Previously, it was only 80 characters. Also, the ads are mobile optimized and mobile format is created automatically when you’re creating your ad.

– Local search ads to show on Google Maps

Google had disclosed the “next generation” of local search ads, which will appear within in Google Maps and In the new ads, brand logos and promotions will appear directly on the map’s surface, instead of just alongside the map. To drive more traffic to local businesses, Google is currently working on new ad formats, like promotion pins. Also, Google is improving local stores business, enabling users to easily search local inventories and advertisers can highlight business promotions.

– Responsive display Google ads

This is the most exciting change. Soon, all you’re going to have to do is give Google a headline, description, picture, and URL, and Google with then create the ads for you. The ads will then be run based on the websites’ content and GDN apps. You won’t have to worry about creating Google ads for different types of formats anymore.

At, we manage Google Ads campaigns for prospecting clients. We are constantly updated with all the new trends and developments and have already introduced many of these changes in our previous and existing campaigns.