How Bing Ads Can Get Along Well With AdWords

Bing Ads have grown tremendously over the past few years. Even though they may not be as all-encompassing as AdWords, they do offer lower rates for most keywords coupled with ease of use. Not to mention the fact that now they play well with your existing AdWords campaign. So, instead of having to start from scratch with a Bing campaign you can import ads directly from your AdWords account. However, there are many other reasons to start using Bing Ads as we’ll examine in this article.

Target a Whole Different Demographic

In addition to Bing offering lower pricing, 77% of those who use the Bing search engine are over 35 years of age. Also, more than half of them have a household income well above $60K a year with 46% making more than $75K a year.Any business that’s looking to target older, more affluent people like a business selling Golf balls, for instance, may want to use Bing Ads.

What Else?

In addition to providing advertisers with good demographic information Bing also allows for segmenting the audience by demographic. Advertisers can also remove individual websites where they don’t want advertising to appear from the network. That way advertisers have a lot more control over who sees their ads and how its seen.

Import and Update Your Big Ads Campaign

Perhaps one of the most useful features of Big Ads especially for those who also use Google Ads as their primary method of advertising is the import feature. Not only can you import a campaign from Google Ads into Bing, but you can schedule an update. You can schedule Bing to automatically update your campaign based on the changes you made to the Google AdWords campaign. The updates can be daily, weekly, and monthly.

Big Now Better than Ever

Every advertiser should consider Bing Ads. Not only is it super simple to use, but costs lower and gives advertisers much more control. In turn, that means a better return on your investment, and guess what?

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