What does SEO stand for?

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization, but it is increasingly used to mean something more heterogeneous and complex: strategies and positioning operations that provide, in addition to creating valuable web content, the use of web techniques, modern design and strong interconnection between social media marketing and web strategy. In short, we talk about Search Experience Optimization to indicate the will of a company or a brand to make the content of their website easier to access and use in order to increase the audience, the number of customers and of course the number of sales.

Why do I need SEO, and how do I find the right counselor?

Making Search Engine Optimization (in fact, SEO) means activating a series of procedures to create a good reputation for a website (or to improve it if you already have one). It varies from writing quality textual content (unique and really interesting) to creating link building able to add value to the content (providing insights and references to other value content). There are also Search Engine Marketing activities, part of the Online Advertising which exploit the search engines and the traffic of daily users who use them to offer advertising space to advertisers interested in intercepting part of that traffic.
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Understand SEO with Google

If you do not know exactly what search engine optimization means, how can it be effective, and to what extent can your website be improved by the work of a SEO copywriter or an SEO Web Designer? Download the free guide to the basic principles of SEO created by Google.

I want to hire an SEO consultant

You are looking for an SEO consultant, but do not know on which criteria to base your evaluation of her/his reliability and professionalism? There is a simple video guide create by Google to help companies ask the right questions before choosing an SEO specialist.