Copywriter: Here’s one thing they know how to do it all!

Do people understand you when you talk? If so you are  a copywriter! Do you know how to use paper and pen? Then you are a copywriter! When you want to express a concept you can put in more than five words in a row without being crushed by the weight of the whole sentence? So believe me, you’re a copywriter!

Here are a number of common places which most people (and therefore many companies and many communication agencies) believe are true. Sorry to disappoint you, but … no. That’s not true! Copywriter is a profession that is learned through years of study, followed by years of work with passion. Practice against all odds. Practice that is measured in Moleskine pages full of research … but also, and above all, on the number of pages that have been torn apart and then rewritten.

Because, to be a copywriter, it is not enough to know how express yourself. One needs to know the road, dotted with metaphors and analogies, that leads to the strings of people’s hearts. And then, you have to know how to play these strings. Everything else is chit-chat.

Copywriter: for SEO and for users

SEO Copywriter is a cool way to indicate something that does not really exist. Or, better, it exists, but it does not exist in a way. The copywriter, in fact, is a person who knows a language, has studied its functioning, rhetorical figures, grammar, syntax and semantics and, with all this in mind, writes. A Copywriter writes with in mind the reader. SEO content, page design and description is done today to improve user experience. When a copywriter writes, and applies SEO, he writes for intelligence itself. Natural (the readers) or artificial.

Social Media Marketing made by a copywriter

Do you need to engage social media in your business? Do you need someone with slogans, claims, and catchphrases to capture the attention of your fans or potential new customers? Well, Social Media Marketing is one of the areas in which the word can give free rein to its power, and show how well-written and well-crafted text can still make the difference, in that digital sea where everyone is more used to skimming rather than reading. If you need (or have already done) Social Media Marketing our advice is to try it with a professional copywriter. The difference is there for everyone to see … and read!