Why do I need AdWords and Online Advertising?

Online advertising with Google AdWords allows you to reach more potential customers with targeted advertisement , consistent with what your customers are looking for on Google. With Google AdWords you can, with a lower budget, increase visits to your website, promote a product, increase sales, or increase the number of subscribers to your newsletter or blog.

How does Google AdWords work?

Advertise on Google AdWords means placing your brand, your company name, or presenting a new product among the first search results in Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Thanks to Keyword Adv, you’ll be able to respond promptly to your audience’s questions, always presenting the right deal at the right time.

Rules set by Google for AdWords

If you want to deepen your knowledge of Google AdWords, the benefits associated with the service and the “base” rules of this powerful online advertising infrastructure, here are tips and tricks for SEM provided directly by Google. These “tips & tricks” are an important, though incomplete, foundation for the work of any Google AdWords Campaign Manager, and can be useful to understand the complexity and great potential of this marketing system.

Online marketing, step-by-step.

Our job complies with all the best practices and essential procedures in managing an online marketing campaign with Google AdWords: clear and solid account structure (group and individual ads); maximum consideration of the content quality of the ads; verifying the relevance of the ad to the content of the site, or your landing pages to be promoted; analysis and keyword selection; measurement of results and production of detailed reports.

Your partner for SEM & Google Adwords in outsourcing

Does your advertising and marketing agency offer SEM (Search Engine Marketing) or Online Advertising services through Google’s AdWords platform? Consider the possibility to integrate Keyword Adv with your partners and expand the package of services offered to your customers. You will be able to offer even better products, by documenting the effectiveness of the method and the quality of the results produced, thanks to reports and statistics generated by our Google AdWords Campaign Manager to compare with your customers’ statistics and Analytics and to improve and refine more and more SEM campaigns and online advertising.